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if a runner has gone 10km in 40 min. then what you do is divied 40 in to 10 and it come out to be 4 so then you get your answer ...

10km/40min.=4km pm( pure a minute)

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Q: What is the average speed of a cross country runner that runs in 10 km in 40 minutes?
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A cross country runner runs 10 km in 40 minutes what is the average speed?


What is the average three mile run of a human?

The average high school cross country runner should be able to do it in 18 to 21 minutes

Cross country is to a skier as a what is to a runner?

cross country

If a cross county runner runs ten km in forty minutes what is his average speed?

15 kph

What is cross-country runner?

A cross-country runner is a runner who trains and races in a long distance race. The distance are usually 5k and up.

How do you become a cross country runner?

You go out and start running in a cross country environment.

How long does it take to run five kilometres?

It depends on how fast you are and how experienced you are. Normal person (non-runner): 35-45 minutes Beginning runner: 30-40 minutes Average runner: 28-34 minutes Fast runner: 24-27 minutes Good cross country runner: 20-24 minutes Really awesome: Under 20 minutes World record: Under 13 minutes If you're a really, really talented runner, you might be able to run a 5K in 15-16 minutes after several years of training. Obviously, very few people will get under that or anywhere close to the world record. Generally, if you can do a 5K in around 25 minutes or less, you're considered pretty good.

What is a cross country runner called?

That answer would be a : Harrier

Who is an enspiring cross country runner?

Steve Prefontaine

A cross country runner runs 11 m in 6 second what is his average speed?

1 and 5/6m per seconds

How long does it take for the 3 mile run?

It depends. An average person might run it in anywhere from 30-45 minutes (10-15 min per mile). Someone who is athletic but not really a runner might do it in 27-36 minutes (9-12 min per mile). A cross country runner could run it as fast as 15-16 minutes, but most likely in 18-24 (someone new to cross country might do like 25-32). Personally, assuming you're just an average person, I think if you can run 3 miles in 33-36 minutes that's decent.

What president was a cross country runner in college?

bill Clinton