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Amino acids make up proteins.

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Amino Acids

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amino acid

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Q: What is the base unit of a protein?
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What is the reaction of a base with a protein?

base causes denaturing of protein

What are all the prefixes in the metric system mean?

Milli is 0.001 of the Base UnitCenti is 0.01 of the Base Unit Deci is 0.1 of the Base Unit BASE UNIT Deca is 10 of the Base Unit Hecto is 100 of the Base Unit Kilo is 1000 of the Base Unit

What is the base unit for microgram?

The base unit for microgram is the gram. This is the same base unit as Kilogram.

What is the base unit for kilogram?

There is no such thing as a 'base unit for kilogram'! A kilogram is the SI base unit for mass.

What a base unit?

A base unit is a unit of measurement on which other units are based.

What is the base metric base unit for length?

The base unit for length is the metre.

When a prefix is put in front of a base unit what does it do to the base unit?

changes how big the unit is

What is base unit for time?

the same as the base unit OF time.

What are the SI base Unit for length and mass?

The base unit for length is the metre, the base unit for mass is the kilogram.

What is the Si base unit for energy?

There is no SI Base Unit for energy. The unit for energy, the joule is a Derived Unit.

What is the smallest functional and structural unit of protein?

The smallest structural unit of a protein is the amino acid. The smallest functional unit of a protein is a little ambiguous, because some might consider the amino acid to be functional (after all, some can function as neurotransmitters). Or, some might consider the peptide (di, tri, etc) to be a functional unit. One could argue what exactly is the smallest functional unit of a protein.

The SI unit base unit for time?

In international system the base unit of time is second.