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A wire is a conductor. It is usually coated with an insulator to isolate the current flowing in the conductor portion of the wire from other things around the wire, like your hand.

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Plastic, glass, porcelain, rubber, .......

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Q: What is the best insulator for metal wire?
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Why is glass the best insulator for metal wire?

Glass has excellent insulation characteristics

Is wire an insulator or conductor?

A metal wire is a conductor. It is the plastic layer round the wire that is an insulator.

What is a good insulator for a metal wire?

A good insulator would be rubber or plastic.

Is a key a insulator or a conductor?

A metal key would conduct electricity.

What is the best metal to make an electromagnet out of?

An iron core and copper wire (that is coated with an insulator) are used all the time to make electromagnets.

What terms describe the metallic core of a wire?

conductorThe core of a wire is the center, the metal part. And insulator is the wrapping on the outside, and it makes sure that the electricity doesn't harm you. Electricity must have a conductor to work, and metal is an excellent conductor.

Is a silver bracelet a conductor or insulator?

Silver is the best conductor there is, no matter what it is made into.

Is a key an conductor?

It is a conductor. Most keys are made of metal, and Metal is one of the best conductors in existence. A conductor being something that accepts electricity, such as a copper wire, and an insulator something that doesn't let it through, such as rubber.

Metal plastic glass or ceramic What is the best insulator?

The best insulator in descending order is, glass, plastic and then wood.

Is a pipe cleaner a insulator and a conductor?

it makes a good conductor because it is steel, but not so great as an insulator. this is simply because there is space between the fibers on the outside, and that something could come in contact with the steel wire.

Why is copper not a good insulator for a metal wire?

Because copper conducts electricty, so if you touch it it would shock you. Also, copper is a type of metal.

Is copper wire a condutor or insulator?