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Evolution. Interesting way to put, evolution is the change in allele frequency over time in a population of organisms.

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Q: What is the continuous gradation in allele frequencies over space is known as?
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What is it called when there's a change in the gene?

The change of genetic information within an organism is known as a genetic mutation. It may also be refereed to as a change in allele frequencies when populations are examined.

What type of allele is known for skipping a generation?

The type of allele known for skipping a generation is the recessive allele because it is almost always hidden.

Alternative versions of a gene?

One or more forms of a gene that codes for a specific trait is also known as an allele

When was On Little Known Frequencies created?

On Little Known Frequencies was created on 2009-03-10.

How do you find a mutant allele?

Compare the allele in question to known mutant alleles. If similar, it si probably a mutant as well.

What is the Random change in a populations allele frequency is known?

Random change in allele frequency is called genetic drift.

When each allele has it own degree of influence it is known as?

incomplete dominance

When each allele has its own degree of influence it is known?

incomplete dominance

What frequencies do radar detectors use?

Radar detectors don't "use" any frequencies. However they listen to certain frequencies known as bands(K, Ka, X, Ku). These bands are the frequencies allocated to radar guns to operate on.

Why do we call some alleles dominant?

because it dominates the phenotype

A person can be tested for the allele that causes huntingtons disease because of that allele is different from that of a normal allele?

Because Huntington's is a genetic disorder and it is known what sequence in what region causes the disorder.

What is it called having a dominate and recessive allele?

If an individual has one recessive allele and one dominant allele, they are known as heterozygous. The dominant trait will be expressed.