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what can be the constant in the paper plane experiment

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The dependent variable would how fast or far the plane goes.

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thank u very much, it helped alotttttt!!!!!!!!! 

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Q: What is the control in the paper plane experiment?
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What would a good experiment be for paper planes?

What type of paper plane goes the farthest? You can test different types of paper planes.

What is the control in an experiment of a regular toilet paper to an enriched toilet paper?

Depending on how the experiment is set up, the control could be different. In this case, the control would most likely be the regular toilet paper since nothing new is added to it. The control in an experiment is the group that does not contain or relate to the independent variable (the thing you change). So if you are testing to see which is better - regular toilet paper or enriched toilet paper - the control would be the regular paper since nothing is special about it.

What came 1st the paper plane or real plane?


What distance can go a paper plane?

Depends on the paper used and how the paper plane was constructed.

What are the best paper plane materials?

Printer Paper make the best paper plane.

What came first the plane or the paper plane?

The paper plane ... Leonardo da Vinci built paper planes hundreds of years ago, the first plane flew 105 yrs ago

Control of ball rebound experiment?

a control is something that stays the same in an experiment

What does control mean in an experiment?

control means to take conrol in a science experiment

A standard of comparison in an experiment is called the?

it is called the control of the experiment

What is the control of a experiment?

The control of an experiment is the part of an experiment that does not change, and is strictly used as a comparison to the variable that is being tested.

How old is the paper plane?

the Paper Plane goes back to at-least to the 20'S

The standard for comparison in a experiment?

The standard for comparison in a experiment is known as a control variable. This is useful to any experiment and serves as a reference point used to draw conclusions.