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Q: What is the cost of a metric ton of jet fuel?
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How many liters of jet fuel make a metric ton?

1,183 litres of jet fuel in a metric tonne

What is the cost of one metric ton of jet fuel?

As of June 13, 2014, the cost for one metric tone of jet fuel is $976.90. This is down from March 7, 2012 when the price was $1079.75 per tone.

How many gallons of jet fuel in a metric ton?

There are approximately 298 gallons of jet fuel per metric ton. Jet fuel weighs about 6.7 pounds per gallon. The mass of fuel varies depending on the pressure and temperature.

How many JP54 Jet fuel Barrels to a Metric Ton?


If a metric ton of Jet Fuel costs 180.00 metric ton how much per gallon?

1 tonne is = 1000 kg / 4.5 so 180/4.5=40per gallon (?!) Metric ton = 2204.6 lbs. US gallon = 8.35 lbs. 264 gallons in one metric ton. 264 gallons x .68¢ = $179.52. Based on $180 US per 'metric' ton the cost per US gallon is .68¢ . Please remove original posters answer. (actual cost of jet fuel as of April 2011 is approx. 3.50 gal.)

How many barrels of jet fuel in a ton?

7.6 barrels of jet fuel is in one ton

How many barrels of jet fuel in a metric ton?

The specific gravity for aircraft fuel is approximately 0.8 (depending on grade and anti freeze additives). Therefore 1250 litres would weigh a metric tonne (1000kg).

How much does a ton of a cement cost?

95.00 per metric ton amercian dollars

What is the cost of manganese ore per metric ton?

the cost per ton of manganese ore out of India? 80 yuan / ton degrees

How many fuel oil barrels in 1 metric ton?


What equal 1000 killograms?

1 metric ton.1 metric ton.1 metric ton.1 metric ton.

How many gallons of heavy fuel oil are in a metric ton?

That depends how heavy the heavy fuel is. A gallon is a unit of capacity. A metric ton is a unit of mass. The two units are therefore incompatible.

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