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A point forecast is a single answer e.g. it is going to rain at 1pm. An interval forecast is based on uncertainity e.g. it is going to rain between 12pm and 2pm. An interval forecast is used because a forecast is always precisly wrong and appromatley right, y.e. don't give a precise answer because it will be wrong.

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Q: What is the difference between point forecast and prediction interval forecast?
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What is the difference between earthquake forecast and earthquake prediction?

The difference between a earthquake forecast and an earthquake prediction us that an earth quake forecast is when people say whats gonna happen and a prediction is what scientist think what might happen.

What is the difference between a judgment and a prediction?

The only difference is between a prediction made by a man and a prediction of God

What is the difference between predict and forecast?

Forecasting is done basically on the past data and prediction is just a guess. The prediction may go wrong but the chances of forecasting to fail is little less. Eg. Prediction of fate and forecasting the rainfall.

What is the difference between digital forecast and analog forecast?


What is the difference between projection and prediction?

A great amount of confusion seem to have grown up in the use of words 'forecast', 'prediction' and 'projection'. A prediction is an estimate based solely in past data of the series under investigation. It is purely mechanical extrapolation. A projection is a prediction where the extrapolated values are subjects to a certain numerical assumptions. A forecast is an estimate which relates the series in which we are interested to external factors. Forecasts are made by estimating future values of the external factors by means of prediction, projection or forecast and from these values calculating the estimate of the dependent variable.

What is the difference between a weather forecast and a weather report?

A weather forecast is a prediction of the weather that's going to happen tomorrow and over the next few coming days.A weather report is a summary of the weather that is happening now.

'What is the difference between sales forecast and sales quota?

what is sales forecast

What is the difference between any two numbers on a scale?

interval interval

What are the difference's between contour interval and index contour?

What are the difference's between contour interval and index contour?

When comparing the 95 percent confidence and prediction intervals for a given regression analysis what is the relation between confidence and prediction interval?

Confidence interval considers the entire data series to fix the band width with mean and standard deviation considers the present data where as prediction interval is for independent value and for future values.

What is the difference between prediction and experimentation?

A prediction is somthing u guess .An experiment is somthing you do based off of a prediction

What is the difference between a contour interval and an index contour?

the contour interval is the difference in elevation between contour lines that are next to each other

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