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Tatasky is run by private agency while the dish tv is a government tv.

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Q: What is the difference between tatasky and dish tv?
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What services and products are offered by TataSky?

There are a number of services offered by TataSky DTH. The one they are most known for are their offering of digital television service to customers in India.

whats the difference between direct tv and dish tv?

There really is no difference between the two companies other than the price. Both offer the same basic packages, and the same service coverage areas.

Can you use a direct tv dish and a expressvu receiver together?

Yes, there is no difference. I use a Direct dish and an Expressvu receiver at the cottage.

Can you hook a Wii to your Dish Network box?

nether difference system a TV an a game system are difference things

Can you use a direct tv dish with a starchoice receiver?

Probably not. various dish LNB's use different switching systems between horizontal and vertical polarization.

How much does dish tv cost?

You can get a direct tv dish for anywhere between 40 to 150 dollars online depending on if it is new or used. You are better off buying a slightly used one.

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What is the motto of Dish TV?

The motto of Dish TV is 'Sab Par Dish Sawaar Hai'.

When was Dish TV created?

Dish TV was created in 2004.

Is Dish TV just for television only?

Yes, Dish TV is for television.

Will a dish dvr work on a direct tv?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer saved programs between the two receivers

Comcast or Dish Network or Direct TV?

If you are in to bundles like phone, internet, and television bundles then Comcast would be a better choice for bundling packages. However, if you want a perfect television entertainment packages, it would be either Dish Network and Direct TV. Dish Network is for family entertainment and is cheaper than Direct TV which is for sports entertainment.