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I'm not sure what you're asking here.

Are you talking about validity?.. And if the measurements you have provided are valid?.. Or Reliability.. If the measurements you have gotten are reliable as you can check them with another source and you get the same answer?

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Q: What is the discussion for experiment measurement and uncertainty?
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How do you calculate uncertainty?

There are several ways to calculate uncertainty. You can round a decimal place to the same place as an uncertainty, put the uncertainty in proper form, or calculate uncertainty from a measurement.

What is the percent uncertainty for the measurement given as 4.19m?

When giving the result of the measurement, its important to state the precision or estimated uncertainty, in the measurement. The percent uncertainty is simply the radio of the uncertainty to the measured value, multiplied by 100. 4.19m take the last decimal unit, is 9 but with value of 1/100 .01 is the uncertainty Now, .01/4.19 x 100 % = 0.24%

What is the uncertainty in the measurement for the speed of light?

The length of a meter.

How does quantum uncertainty differ from the uncertainty involved in a coin flip?

completely: coin is simple probability, quantum uncertainty is based on how increasing accuracy of measurement of one property of a tiny particle reduces the accuracy of measurement of another complementary property of the same particle. No probability there, just measurement limitations.

Why tasting and touching are unsuitable for laboratory method for pH measurement experiment?

because when different people use the same method the result are not equal for different people. this will bring the big uncertainty of result

When is it useful to use probability?

When there is uncertainty about the outcome of a trial or experiment.

Does a measurement of 23.56mL has more uncertainty than a measurement of 23.5mL?

No, its more certain than 23.5 mL

What are the discussion for experiment basic techniques of microscope?

The discussion for experiment of the microscope has focused on the many uses of the microscope. The discussion also goes into depth regarding the many techniques of use.

What does discussion mean in a scientific project?

Discussion follows your main topic sentence of your results from your experiment. In the discussion, you describe the hypothesis you were trying to prove with the experiment, bring up any literature that supports your hypothesis - or not - and what happened during the experiment. Be sure to include how you set up the experiment.

What is the uncertainty in measurement when using a stopwatch to measure time?


Is there is any perfect measurement?

No, no measurement we can ever do will be entirely free of uncertainties. In some measurements the uncertainties might be negligible however. In any best precise & accurate measurement there will be minimum uncertainty equal to h/2pie, that's in accordance to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.

What is a discussion of further consideration of an experiment?