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The first part of a scientific experiment is asking a question.

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stating the purposed

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Q: What is the first part of a scientific experiment?
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Why is Redi's experiment considered the first true scientific experiment?

it was the first experiment that followed the scientific method

In a scientific experiment a control is the part of the experiment that?

remains the same throughout the experiment

The part of an experiment in which you outline the steps taken to perform an experiment?

The scientific method

What part of a scientific experiment do you change or manipulate?

The part of an experiment that you test or manipulate change is called your independent variable.

What is a prediction in a experiment?

The prediction in an experiment is called the hypothesis. The hypothesis is part of the scientific method, which is a series of steps that can be used to answer a scientific problem.

What is control in the scientific method?

The control of the scientific method is the results compared to this part of the experiment.

Which is the first phase of scientific study?

Forming a hypothesis is the first step of conducting a scientific experiment.

What is the test to answer scientific questions called?

This is generally called experimentation, and it's goal is to prove a hypothesis. It's a part of the scientific method.

What part of the scientific method is a question?

Question is the second part of the scientific method.scientific method contains:observation --> question --> hypothesis --> experiment.

What part of a scientific experiment is the hypothesis?

The hypothesis is a personal explanation of what youbelieve will happen during an experiment before you proceed in doing that experiment.

What is the first you do in a experiment?

The first step to the scientific method is forming a hypothesis.

A data is used in which part of the experiment?

Science methods is part of the experiment. This is taught in science.