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The easiest way to determine how much energy it takes to heat your house is to take a reading of your gas meter at 8:00 AM each day for two or three days during your coldest weather period and record the amount of gas used each 24 hours. Then knowing the volume of gas used each 24 hours, multiply the volume by the heating value to determine the energy used. Divide by 24 hours to get the average input per hour. Add 50% to that and you will have enough capacity for any winter day.

You can also record the volume used during a short period of time that the heating device is on, 5 minutes is what I used, and determine what your current rate of energy input is. This can be done any time of year.

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Q: What is the heat loss calculation for sizing a boiler to heat a home?
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What size boiler do you need for 1700 sq ft home?

In order to determine what size boiler you need, you will need to have a Manual J Load Calculation performed on your home.

How do you figure btu's for a gas boiler purchase?

Figure out the heat load of the home first. (U factor of all areas X sq. ft. X design temperature difference) In sizing the boiler, multiply the efficiency by the input. Example: 140M Munchkin at 92%AFUE will give you 140X.92= 128,800 btuh of usable heat. lc

When should you replace a gas powered home heating boiler?

When it no longer provides heat such as it is leaking or it cannot pass a boiler inspectors inspection

What is the purpose of a cold air return with boiler heat?

None. Probably the home was built for forced air and converted to boiler/baseboard heating.

What size heat pump do you need for 2632 suare foot single story home with a 700 square foot room in the basement in northeastern Pennsylvania?

This question depends on alot of things. You should find a reliable HVAC company to run a manual j (sizing of hvac equipment) load calculation on your home. there are so many things that take part in sizing an a/c unit that if not done propperly than you could serious problems.

Can i get a gas boiler fitted by your backdoor?

Why are you bringing a gas boiler to my back door?I am assuming you meant to ask about getting a gas boiler through YOUR back door. If that was the intended question the answer is. . . probably.Natural gas and Oil fired boilers come in many different configurations. For the average home there will be many which will be large enough to meet your needs and also fit through a standard exterior door.However, boiler sizing is very tricky and should be done by a professional, (not to mention installation) Most suppliers will do the sizing for the pleasure of selling you a boiler, and most work closely with the installer to make sure that it gets installed properly.More information on boiler installation and sizing can be found at a little reading I am sure you will convince yourself that hydronics can be as tricky and technical as any medical procedure and you will probably not want to tackle it yourself.

Do the thermostat have to be on to bleed home radiator?

on hot water heat with a boiler you should pressurize the system then open the bleeders

What is total building heat loss?

It is the number of BTU`s per hour lost by the home due to lack of insulation, doors without weather stripping, inefficient windows and many other factors. This calculation is normally used to properly size a furnace or boiler to a particular house. Total building heat gain would be the calculation used to size an air conditioning unit. The tool used to figure both of these would be the Manual J form.

replace boiler in the house?

replace boiler in our home

How does a hydronic heater work?

A hydronic heater works by using a boiler system to heat the water and then is pumped throughout the house in order to heat the specific area of a home.

What do we use coal most for?

Most coal is burnt to provide heat in a home's fireplace, or to heat a water boiler in a steam engine, or in a coal-fired power station.

Can you recommend a heat exchanger connected to the home heating system to heat an inground pool?

This heat exchanger works wonders (with a sufficiently sized boiler).