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to tell and persuade people to drive it is acctully cheaper to drive than get a bus to evry were you go

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Q: What is the main purpose of driving advertisement?
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What is the main purpose of an purpose of an advertisement?

The purpose of an advertisement is to persude consumers to buy a product or service.

What are basis of advertising?

Tha main purpose of the advertisement is to reach target audience...

What question should you ask yourself what evaluating an advertisement?

You should ask yourself what is the purpose of the information when evaluating an advertisement.

What is the purpose of river island website?

there is no Purpose, it's only there for advertisement

Is advertisement an art to promote goods?

Of course! Precisely! Advertisement can be done for various purpose and promoting a product is definitely is one of the main goal of good advertisement.Slight correction:Advertisement is sometimes an art. Advertisement is as often a thinly veiled attack on our fears and emotions designed to promote goods. Advertisement can be an art or a form of manipulation, but it is always to promote something.

What is the purpose of this advertisement?

to influence people to buckle their seatbelts

What is the overall purpose of this advertisement?

to influence people to buckle their seatbelts

How do you write a letter requesting the advertisement for souvenir?

When you want an advertisement as a souvenir, first determine who owns the advertisement and address your letter to that person. Then, state what advertisement you want and your intended purpose. Make sure to include contact information.

What are the main features of Google Advertisement?

The main features of Google Advertisement include, but are not limited to, IP address exclusion, frequency capping, and placement targeted advertisements.

Why does the same advertisement appear on different websites?

for advertisements for commerical purpose

What is the purpose of sponsors for fighters in mma?

As extra income for the fighter and as advertisement for the business.

What are the three main functions of a magazine?

sex, lies, and advertisement