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Q: What is the major pollutant that electrostatic precipitators are designed to remove from power-plant smokestack emissions?
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What has the author David V Bubenick written?

David V Bubenick has written: 'Control of particulate emissions from atmospheric fluidized-bed combustion with fabric filters and electrostatic precipitators' -- subject(s): Filters and filtration, Electrostatic precipitation, Fluidized-bed furnaces, Filter cloth

How much emissions does a smokestack give off?

This depends entirely on what the smoke stack is venting from. An automobile factory, for instance, produces a different level of emissions than would a barn or a recycling plant.

Why do emissions from an industrial smokestack are mixtures and not solutions?

emission's are mixtures because they are made up of different materials released from the factory

Is the major pollutant that electrostatic precipitates are designed to remove from power plant smokestacks emissions?


What has the author H Gregory Rigo written?

H. Gregory Rigo has written: 'Retrofit of waste-to-energy facilities equipped with electrostatic precipitators' -- subject(s): Acid-forming emissions, Air quality management, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Refuse as fuel, Government policy, Heat exchangers, Incinerators, Municipal services, Recycling (Waste, etc.), Refuse as fuel 'The relationship between chlorine in waste streams and dioxin emissions from waste combustor stacks' -- subject(s): Dioxins, Chlorine, Incineration, Incinerators

What has the author L E Sparks written?

L. E. Sparks has written: 'Particle collection by a venturi scrubber downstream from an electrostatic precipitator' -- subject(s): Electrostatic separators, Venturi scrubber 'Indoor air quality model, version 1.0' -- subject(s): Air quality, Data processing, Indoor air pollution, Measurement 'In-stack plume opacity from electrostatic precipitator/scrubber system at Harrington unit 1' -- subject(s): Electrostatic separators, Scrubber (Chemical technology), Southwestern Public Service Company 'Effect of a flyash conditioning agent on power plant emissions' -- subject(s): Electrostatic precipitation, Fly ash, Power-plants 'Investment analysis with your microcomputer' -- subject(s): Data processing, Investment analysis, Investments, Microcomputers 'IAQ model for Windows, RISK version 1.0' -- subject(s): Computer programs, Handbooks, manuals, Indoor air pollution 'SR-52 programmable calculator programs for Venturi scrubbers and electrostatic precipitators' -- subject(s): Calculators, Electrostatic precipitation, Scrubber (Chemical technology)

How does a power station reduce pollution?

A coal-fired power station can use filters to remove particulate emissions form its smokestack. In theory, it could also capture its carbon dioxide emissions for underground sequestration, but this is an unproven technology and might be neither long-term nor safe storage. The best way for a power station to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions would be to convert to natural gas or to be replaced by a non-combustion source.

What is bad about nuclear powerplant?

many things, nuclear waste is toxic and mutating plus doesn't break down and nuclear energy also produces tonnes upon tonnes on green house gas emissions. The reason why so many countries use it is because it's cheap.

How do you spell emissions?


What do you feel are the solutions -worldwide- to lessen the impacts resulting from global climate change?

Wow! I'll Bite! The photo of Chinese highways clogged with coal-transport trucks clearly indicates that carbon emissions are not stopping, and sadly are not even approaching a reduction, as they need to. Repeat: every city in the World may be considered to be a Massive Smokestack. Our Only Hope Lies In Carbon Reclamation.

When was Nocturnal Emissions created?

Nocturnal Emissions was created in 1980.

Which item is not a part of the emissions system?

The headlight is not a part of the emissions system.