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A medical apparatus for carrying urine from the ureter to an external bag container, is a catheter.

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Q: What is the name for a medical tube used for urine?
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What is the name for a flexible tube inserted in the bladder?

a catheter, if you mean one that is used to draw out urine, or a cystoscope, if you mean one that is used to examine the inside of the bladder

What test tube is used for separating sediment from urine?

The tube is not so important . It's the centrifuge that does the work.

What is the Medical term meaning uteri the ovaries and fallopian tubes?

ADNEXA - Accessory parts of a structure; appendages of an organ. "Adnexa Uteri" refers to the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

What is the medical name for a needle and tube holder?

A sharps bin, tough plastic medical waste receptacle with a one way top, is where used needles (and syringes that once contained medications) are held for disposal.

Is this a medical term hyperglycosuria?

Usually the term glucosuria is used to indicate glucose in the urine.

What is an inserted tube that assists with breathing?

It is a tube (also called a siphon) used for breathing underwater by the larval young of some insects.*The term may also be applied to an endotracheal tube(ETT) used in human medical treatment.

Serum seperator tube?

Serum separating tube also referred as SST is used in medical clinical chemistry that requires the blood serum.

How did the test tube get its name?

It is a glass tube and it is used to contain substances being tested!

What is the medical term meaning examination of the urine by breaking it into components?

Urinalysis is a word used to define an examination of urine by breaking it into components. Urinalyses are conducted to detect many types of medical conditions that a person may have.

What is the medical term meaning blood in the fallopian tube?

Hematosalpinx is the term meaning blood in the fallopian tubes.

What are some medical uses of radiation?

to detect radiation, a device such as Geiger- Muller tube is used

What is the name of the tube used to produce X-rays?

X ray tube i am not sure but maybe