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Q: What is the next step in 10a 21b 32c 43d 54e 65f?
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What does 32 fl oz equals c?

The measurement that is 32 fl oz refers to 32 fluid ounces or thirty-two ounces of a liquid. This measurement is often used to show how much liquid is in a jug of fruit juice or in a soda bottle. There does not seem to be a measurement that is 32c fl oz.

At what temperature is centigrade equal to Fahrenheit?

The correct answer is of course -40 degrees.Whilst the equations are both linear, if you were to plot them both on the same graph, you would see that the results do intersect (at -40degrees). Another, slightly more geeky, way to get the answer is to use the 2 equations1. F=9/5C +32 ... used to convert from centigrade (Celsius) to Fahrenheit2. C= 5/9(F- 32).... used to convert from Fahrenheit to Centigrade (Celsius)Firstly write the write the equations so that they are equal (C=F), and then we can solve the simultaneous equations. So it looks like this:9/5C+32 = 5/9(F-32). (this is when Fahrenheit and Celsius/ Centigrade are equal)Then you solve for either F or C, by substituting for either F or C into the equation above (1. if you are solving for F, or 2. if you are solving for C) lets use number 1 and solve for FIt now looks like this:9/5C+32 = 5/9((9/5C+32)-32) (I just put in (9/5C + 32), where F used to be.To solve it we just use some simple rules of equations to try to get C on its ownFirstly divide both sides by 5/9) and it look like this:9(9/5C+32)/5 = ((9/5C+32)-32)Then simplify right hand side by removing the brackets like this:9(9/5C+32)/5 = 9/5C [of course 32-32=0]Next simplify the left hand side by opening brackets (it is done by multiplying everything inside the brackets by 9):(81/5C+288)/5 = 9/5CTo get rid of 5 on bottom of left hand side, you muliply both sides by 5 and get:(81/5C+288) = 45/5CNext remove the brackets arent needed (nothing to do outside the brackets):81/5C+288 = 45/5CNext move Cs together and numbers to other side (by taking 288 from both sides and taking 45/5C from both sides), and it looks like this:81/5C-45/5C =-288Now solve the left hand side (easy as they are both over 5C), so its just 81-45:36/5C=-288Next multiply both sides by 5 (gets rid of the 5 on the bottom of left hand side) and you get:36C=-1440Now we divide both sides by 36 (makes C= to 1), and we get:C=-1440/36Now whack that into a calculator and Hey Presto:C=-40(it also work if you substitute for C)So the temperature at which Celsius = Fahrenheit is -40 degrees(I hope this helped)Use this equation to convert degrees Celsius/Centigrade (ºC) to degrees Fahrenheit (ºF): [°F] = [°C] × 1.8 + 32