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Q: What is the term used to describe the process in which light is produced by rubbing materials together?
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What is the general term used to describe the process by which polymers are produced?

The Polymerization process .

What term is used to describe the process of using old materials to make new products?


Describe all process of weathring?

Weathering refers to the breaking down of minerals, rocks, soil and artificial materials

Which word describe the process when two or more atom bond together?

simple! a moleacule

How do you produce cement?

Cement can be produced by two process,Dry processWet processBoth the process differs - grinding and mixing of raw materials in wet or dry state.

Describe how soap is manufactured using the sodium hydroxide produced in this process include a reaction equation?

how the soap is manufactured?

The process of the cell bringing together raw materials to make something new is called?


How would you describe the process of concrete setting?

Concrete setting is initiated by a process called hydration. Rather than the concrete just 'drying out', the hydration process involves the water added to the materials (stone, sand & cement) reacting with the cement. The water reacts with calcium in the cement to form an alkali paste which bonds the materials together. Adding too little water means not enough cement hydrates to set properly, but too much will cause separation of the materials.

What is produced during the process of friction?

the things rub together and that make the things stop

What does electron beam welding process consist of?

Electron Beam Welding (EBW) is a process where two materials are fused together by using a beam of high-velocity electrons. The two materials are melted and flowed together due to the energy of the beam transforming into heat upon the moment of impact.

How electric charge produced by friction in bodies?

When two objects rubbed together become charged due to electrons being transferred from one object to another.charging by friction is when two different materials are rubbed together or come in contact

Describe a management process?

describe the management process