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Electrical current occurs when electrons move. As the electrons through a medium, such as a wire, they experience friction, which produces heat. The fast the electrons are moving, the more friction they experience and the more heat is generated. Typically, this heat energy dissipates and is not useful. Electrical heating applicances sned current through highly resistant materials to cause high amounts of heat through friction. This is the basic premise of an electric stove range. Super-conduction is when electrons flow without any friction and therefore keep all of their energy as electricity. This can happen in certain materials at extremely low temperatures.

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Q: What is the thermal effects of electric current and its application?
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Electric current

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What metal is a good conductor of thermal energy and electric current?

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What shiny metal is a good conductor of thermal energy and electric current?

Tranition metals

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If a current in an electric stove is doubled how will the thermal energy produced per unit time change?

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Is a shiny element element a good conductor of thermal energy and electric current?

Yes, this is mostly true. It starts to become untrue near silicon.

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