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The ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting; insight. We might also say, it is the acquisition of knowledge, and using that knowledge in the most appropriate way.

In biblical terms, true wisdom is a gift given from God. For the one who seeks it with pure intentions, it will be given.

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Q: What is wisdom and how is it attained?
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Why do the Buddha have a THIRD EYE?

Buddha attained the knowledge of wisdom

What does the title budha mean?

A Buddha is one who has attained Bodhi and Bhodi means 'wisdom'

What religion believes in obtaining perfect wisdom through faith?

The Heart Sutra, chanted in Buddhist sects (particularly Zen), speaks of perfect wisdom beyond wisdom, but this is attained through Buddhist practice (meditation and the Eightfold Path). The Heart Sutra doesn't refer to faith, however, so I'm not sure this is the answer you're looking for.

What forms your world view as a nurse?

What forms your world view is based on your personal values, attitudes, belief systems, and how you apply your attained knowledge to the same. It is called wisdom; The ability to apply knowledge in the most beneficial way. Knowledge without wisdom, avails nothing of worth.

Where do you get knowledge?

Long periods of study on a variety of subjects mixed with periods of meditation and self-analysis will give you knowledge and some wisdom, but real wisdom can only be attained by experiencing as much of life, in all of its forms, and surviving.

How immunity is attained?

How immunity is attained

Can monks stop being monks?

I can speak for other religions but as for Buddhism a Monk a can leave at any time. Buddhism is about personnel growth and development. If a Monk or Nun feels that they have attained enough wisdom and want to leave they can.

What is 'Alas how terrible is wisdom when it brings no profit to the wise' in ancient greek?

to answer this question we have to know the difference between knowledge and wisdom. wisdom is different from knowledge. wisdom has a divine aspect, and it can be attained only if the Almighty showers upon anyone. Knowledge can be gained through reading, education etc........ wisdom once attained will definitely profit in the attainment of liberation.

What is the meaning of qualification attained?

The meaning of qualification attained means the course you have successfully completed by passing an examination. This is a common phrase in job applications.

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The fastest record speed attained by a human on foot is 27.44 miles per hour. This speed was attained by Usain Bolt in the 100 yard dash.

How many acts of attainder were passed during Henry VII's reign?

in 1485-6 = 28 people were attained in 1487 = 28 people attained in 1495 = 24 people attained

What is A specialist in the study of substance attained by mining?

a specialist in the study of substances attained by mining. its called mineralogist