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Within an atom's nucleus are protons and neutrons. The mass of a atom is consisted majorly from protons and neutrons. If your looking further into the atom's nucleus you'll run into "quarks".

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the proton and the neutron but we still have a lot of particles that makes up the nucleus

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Q: What makes up an atom's nucleus?
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Are the proton atoms and the neutron atoms in the nucleus?

yes they are what makes up the atom

The nucleus makes up 99 percent of the atoms what?


What makes up of the atoms?

The nucleus makes up most of the mass and the other things in the atom make up the rest.

What makes up nearly all of the atoms's mass?

The sum of all Protons and Neutrons.

What makes up atoms?

Atoms make up matter. and matter makes up our universe. everything except for ideas, feelings, light, sound, and etc. Atoms are made up of protons and neutrons in the nucleus, then the electron cloud around the nucleus. the electrons have a negative charge, and the protons have a positive charge, while the neutrons have a neutral charge.

What is the name of a particle with an electric charge?

The particle with an electric charge is called the proton. It makes up part of an atoms nucleus.

Where is the neutron located in an atom?

The neutron in an atom is always found in the nucleus. It is a nucleon (a particle making up an atomic nucleus), and, with a proton (which is also a nucleon) or protons, makes up all the elements other than (most) hydrogen.In the nucleus along with the protons.

How is the nucleas made?

first of all the nucleus is made up of a bunch of atoms.And the atoms make a nucvleas the nucleas makes a organelle and everything else makes the human body

How many parts of an element are their?

Well, elements are made up of atoms and atoms are made up of: protons and neutrons (which are found in the nucleus of an atom) and electrons (which orbit the nucleus)

What substance is associated with the structure of the nucleus?

DNA is a substance that can be found inside of the nucleus. DNA is responsible for the genotype and phenotype of an organism.

Do fungui have nucleus?

Every thing is made up of atoms, it must have a nucleus. Even air does!

What is true of an atoms's nucleus?

negatively charged and takes up most of the atoms space Takes up most of the atoms mass and is negatively charged