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Q: What material is found in air water or soil that is harmful to humans or other organisms?
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What are unicellular organisms found everywhere on earth some are harmful while others are helpful?

Eubacteria are unicellular organisms that are found everywhere.

What other organisms besides in humans is epinephrine found in?

Many other organisms besides humans produce epinephrine. It is found in some plants, insects and mammals.

Is boron harmful to humans?

Boron is nontoxic to humans. It is found in our food and drink, so it must be.

What is a material found in nature that is useful to humans?


What organisms can Golgi bodies be found in?

They can be found in an Animal and Plant cell.(humans fall into the animal category)

What is a single celled organisms that can be helpful or harmful contain no nucleus found everywhere on Earth?

Bacteria *facepalm*

In what organelle would you find an organisms genetic material?

According to biologists, the nucleus is the organelle in organisms that genetic material can be found because DNA and nucleic acid is stored inside the nucleus.

Does humans have a hydrostatic skeleton?

Humans have an endoskeleton. Hydrostatic skeletons are found in soft-bodied organisms and ectothermic organisms. Hydrostatic skeletons have an important role locomotion for invertebrates.

Which is a substance that could be found in air water or soil that is harmful to humans or animals?

A pollutant fits that description.

Which nucleic acid is said to be the genetic material found in all organisms?

DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid.

What are the harmful effects of Phylum Gastrotricha?

Phylum Gastrotricha includes tiny aquatic animals, and while there are species that can be harmful, there are no direct harmful effects associated with the entire phylum. However, some species within the phylum can be parasitic, meaning they may cause harm to their host organisms. Additionally, certain species can become invasive and disrupt ecosystems, but this is not a general characteristic of the phylum as a whole.

How is Brugia malayi harmful to humans?

Brugia malayi is a roundworm nematode found in Southeast Asia. It causes lymphatic filariasis (elephantiasis) in humans and is transmitted by mosquitoes.