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Q: What object in space gives its own heat and light?
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What is a object in space that makes its own heat and light?

A star!

What is an object in space that makes its own light and heat?


What in space gives off its own heat and light?

The sun.

What object in the solar system gives off its own heat and light?

The sun. All other objects reflect heat and light from the sun.

Why does light give off heat?

Light itself does not give off heat. Light only gives off heat when it strikes another object. Some of the light's energy can be absorbed by the object. This in turn causes an increase in the vibrational speed of the molecule, which leads to a sort of molecular friction, causing the object to heat up.

What is natural object in outer space that can release heat and light energy?

A star, a.k.a. a sun.

Does heat and light occupies space?

Heat and light do not occupy space. They can travel through space but do not occupy it.

What are some good conductors of radiation heat transfer?

Fire The sun Earth A microwave oven A light bulb. Baiscly anything that gives off heat through space (without touching the object it's warming up).

Which layer of the sun gives off heat and light?

The photosphere gives off heat and visible light.

What gives off its own heat and light?

A star gives off it's own heat and light. So, the answer to this question [ What gives off it's own heat and light? ]is : star

Is star an animal?

No. A star is an object in space that produces heat and light through nuclear fusion. Stars are not living things.

Which absorbs heat which gives of heat?

Any object which is cooler than its surroundings absorbs heat and any that is warmer, gives off heat.

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