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Plants, trees, and grass put oxygen into the air.

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Q: What organism added oxygen to your atmosphere and why?
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Which organism release oxygen into the atmosphere?


What organism contributed the most to the shift between an oxygen-free atmosphere to an oxygenated-atmosphere?

The 'photosynthtics'

What added oxygen to earths early atmosphere?

Photosynthesis by plants

What element upon which most modern organism depend was missing from earth's early atmosphere?


What organism is given credit for helping change the gases in your atmosphere to oxygen?

Probably ancient cyanobacteria.

What added oxygen to earth atmosphere as they made food there?

The biggest contributer was and is algae.

Which organism gets its carbon from carbon dioxide?

Green plants take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and using energy from the sun separate the carbon from the oxygen. They release the oxygen to the atmosphere, and use the carbon.

What are three ways oxygen gas is removed from the atmosphere and use?

Animals respire. Plants respire. Fire uses oxygen. Rusting uses oxygen. Oxygen is removed from the atmosphere by 1. respiration 2. combustion and 3. gradual oxidation process at normal temperature and pressure. It is added to the atmosphere by photosynthesis of green plants.

What are the three main reservoirs of the oxygen cycle?

atmosphere biosphere and water cycle. ~ orliving organism | living organisms | organism | organism death | organismsocean | the ocean | the oceans | oceansrocks | rock

What happens to the atmosphere during cellular respiration?

oxygen is added to the atmosphere when plants take in carbon dioxide during cellular respiration

What chemical release to atmosphere when dead organism burned?

Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere.

An organism was added to a test tube containing water which was then sealed and placed in sunlight The test tube showed what type of organism was added an increase in oxygen over a period of time?

Green alga