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== == Atoms were inferred to exist from the observation of "Brownian motion," which is the jittering of dust particles in air or water or some medium as seen through a microscope. The jitter is supposed to be caused by random collisions of atoms or molecules with the dust particles. If the medium were not composed of particles but were a smooth creamy substance without lumps, there would be nothing to make the dust particles jitter.

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Q: What property of a particle led to the discovery of the atom?
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What experimental evidence led Thomson to develop the model of an atom?

The discovery of a negative charged particle - electron - in the atom.

Alpha particles led to what discovery of what?

discovery of the atom's structure

Experiments with cathode rays led to the discovery of which subatomic particle?

Experiments with cathode rays led to the discovery of the electron.

What experiment led to the discovery of the nucleus of an atom?

The gold-foil experiment

What Led to the discovery of the nucleus?

Alpha particle ie doubly ionized helium atom scattering by the gold foil experiment formed the basis for the discovery of nucleus. The experiment was done by Marsden and Geiger but the experimental observation was commented and final conclusion derived by Rutherford.

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Do Rutherford's gold foil experiment led to the discovery of the portion of the atom known as the nucleus?

shail = whale to the power of 2

Which experimental discovery led Niels Bohr to revise Rutherford's model of the atom?

Electrons have more energy the farther they are from the nucleus.

Which discovery led J.J Thomson to improve on John Daltons model of the atom?

An atomic model from John dalton doesn't exist.

The scientist whose alpha-particle scattering experiment led him to conclude that the nucleus of an atom contains a dense center of positive charge is?


What scientist's experiment led to the discovery of protons?

Ernest Rutherford's experiment led to the discovery of protons.

What discovery led to the revision of atomic theory from the Democritus' model to John Dalton's model of the atom?

That chemical reactions allowed atoms to be changed and moved.

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