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Q: What sciences study humans as individuals groups and collectively?
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Why is ethics considered a practical science?

Ethics is considered a practical science because it has influenced other types of science. For instance, other types of sciences that deal with humans use ethical principles.

What would a social scientist likely study?

"Social Scientists study all characteristics of society including past events and accomplishments, behavior of humans, and group relationships. They conduct research to provide insight about the variety ways people, groups, and institutions respond to change, exercise power, and make decisions." Source:

What is the replacement of bar codes?

Biometrics is an advance method over the traditionally used bar codes.Biometrics comprises methods for uniquely recognizing humans based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral traits. In computer science, in particular, biometrics is used as a form of identity access management and access control. It is also used to identify individuals in groups that are under surveillance.

How where humans invented?

Humans were not invented; they evolved gradually from some now-extinct group of primates. This ocurred as different inherited traits made some individuals more likely to survive and pass on their genes. This resulted in a gradual change in the population that eventually led to what we now call humans. Assuming we don't go extinct any time soon, wer are not an end product either. Our population may eventually evolve into something a bit different from how wer are now. What that might be, nobody knows.

Are humans conductors or insulators?

humans are not insulators, but are conductors!

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Which scientist proposed the idea of studying humans as groups rather than as individuals?


Who had the idea to study humans as groups rather than as individuals?

The answer is........Malthus!!!!P.S the branerly answer is wrong I got this right

Why is sociology important to hard sciences and soft sciences?

because it studies humans behave

How is sport defined?

A sport is a game usually requiring physical performance in which competing individuals or groups strive to achieve the same goal governed by a system of rules which may be pursued for recreation as an amateur or for a livelihood as a professional.

What dispersion type are humans?

Clumped dispersion-individuals are clumped together in groups. Random dispersion-each individual's location is independent of the locations of other individuals in the population. Uniform dispersion-individuals are separated by a fairly consistent distance.

What are the other sciences that are related to the field of psychology?

Psychology is a human science. It studies why humans behave as they do. Other human sciences include sociology and economics. Sociology studies the behavior of entire societies instead of individuals and economics studies what decisions people take, but does not focus on the "why"-aspect.

How many different groups of Shigella can affect humans?

Four different groups of Shigella can affect humans.

Are humans logical or rational?

As individuals humans are both, to a greater or lesser degree.

How did early humans lived and why do they live in groups?

Early humans lived in groups to keep each other safe and warm.

Why did early humans move in groups?

For safety

Who studies behavior of humans groups?

a sociologist

What is it called when humans use oxygen to help breakdown food and release energy in a process?

For Humans, as well as All other Organisms, these Biochemical processes are 'collectively' known as Respiration.