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Tertiary Period: 63.7 Ma; Quaternary Period: 1.8 Ma

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Q: What was the Climate of the tertiary period?
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Climate in tertiary period?

The climate in the Tertiary Period was generally warm and mild. But during the middle of the Tertiary the climate cooled and the Ice Age began.

What was the climate like during the tertiary period?

During this time period the climate was really warm and rather mild.

What was the climate like in the tertiary time period?

it was cold it was cold it was cold

What was the climate like in the tertiary period?

slowly cooled tropical to moderate temperatures world wide

How many epochs in the Tertiary period?

there was 5 epoch in the tertiary period

What were some examples of the mammals of the tertiary period?

All mammals present today are example of tertiary period mammals as we are living in tertiary period .

What era is the tertiary period in?

The tertiary period took place in the CENOZOIC era.

What was the oxygen level in the Tertiary Period?

I have no idea what the oxygen levels were during the tertiary period!

What were the major events during the Tertiary period?

During the tertiary period, Pangaea broke up into separate continents, with major mountains formed in North America, Europe, and Asia. Earth's climate cooled, and continental glaciers were formed in Antarctica.

What was the environment in the Cenozoic era like?

during the tertiary period, there was mostly trees and plants. during the quaternary period, the earth's climate cooled, so there was more ice.

What did earth look like during the Tertiary period?

how did the earth look during the Tertiary time period

What is the first period of the Cenozoic era?

The Tertiary period

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