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he injoyed writing and reading also trying to stop slavery.

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Q: What were Frederick Douglass's hobbies?
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Who had a series of debates with Abraham Lincoln?

frederick douglasss

Which best describes Frederick Douglass target audience for narrative of the life of Frederick Douglasss an American slave?

White Northerners

What was Frederick Douglass hobbies?

backtalking the white man.......

What advise did Frederick Douglasss gave to Lincoln during the civil war?

ANSWER:History does show that Frederick Douglas had met with President Lincoln a few times. However, there's no exact documentation on what one party said to the other. It is believed that the discussions mainly focused on the issue of slavery.

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I recommend the very same related website you are on, has a neat tool - simply double click on Frederick Douglas - and a pop up window with all the information you seek about Frederick Douglas will pop up. Try it! Double click on his name on this page!! Enjoy!

What side was Frederick Douglasss on?

In the Civil War, Frederick Douglas became angry at his fellow free black citizens because they would not volunteer to fight for the Union. He thought that black people of all people should take up the cause of flighting against slavery. Instead, he was hitting his head against a stone wall.

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