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When a friend dies, part of yoursel dies too.

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Q: When a friend dies part of yourself dies too.What is the punctuation mark of this sentence?
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What is the correct punctuation for the sentence i asked my friend when is your birthday?

It should be--- I asked my friend,"When is your birthday?"

Why do you use my friend and I instead of I and my friend?

It is etiquette to put the person you are talking about first and then yourself. This is not the right sentence to use 'My friend and me,' but, 'My friend and I.'

hi, I'd like to know which sentence is correct and why.could anyone teach me1) My friend came to my house before I had finished cleaning my room.2) My friend came to my house before I finished cleaning my room?

Hi 1 is correct because of the punctuation.

What is a sentence for friend's?

how to make friend's

When did your friend came correct the sentence?

The correct grammar for this sentence is: When did your friend come?

Should you be yourself or act like your friend?

Be yourself. If they do not like your personality, they should not be your friend.

How do you make a sentence using the word friend?

Example sentence - She will never have a friend because she doesn't know how to be a friend.

Does first person pronoun always come as the second subjective pronoun in a sentence?

Me an' my friend went to the store. No, no, no. My friend and I went to the store.As a rule of courtesy, you always mention yourself second in a sentence. "I" is the first person (singular) pronoun, and yes, "I" should come second in a sentence. You should put "we" (first person plural) second also.

How do you punctuate the sentence congratulations dear friend?

The sentence "Congratulations, dear friend!" is already properly punctuated.

What is the noun in this sentence you wave to your friend?

The noun is friend.

Can you friend yourself on facebook?


What sentence uses a pronoun that the person spoken to?

The person spoken to is called the 'second person'. The second person pronouns are: you, yours, your, yourself, yourselves. Example sentences: Jack, you are a good friend. How many of you are there? The tuna sandwich is yours. Your friend brought your homework. You can see for yourself how easy it is. Make yourselves comfortable.