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It is not at rest.

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Q: When an object is slowing down it is not at what?
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When acceleration and velocity vectors are pointing in opposite directions the object is?

This would indicate negative acceleration, which would mean that the object in question is speeding up.

An object slowing down has a what acceleration?


An object that is slowing down is undergoing acceleration?

no, deceleration.

What happen to object with velocity and acceleration in opposite directions?

It slow down, and eventually reverse direction.

What kind of acceleration is occurring if an object is slowing down?

It is called deceleration.

How can an object slowing down have an acceleration that's not negative?

If the positive direction was defined at the outset as the direction opposite to the direction in which the object happens to be moving just now, and the object is slowing down, then the acceleration is positive because, algebraically, the object's speed is increasing in the positive direction.

What is a moving object that has a velocity vector and acceleration vector in the opposite direction?

This is a moving object that is slowing down.

An object that is accelerating may be?

An object that is accelerating may be slowing down, gaining speed, and changing direction.

An object that is accelerating maybe slowing down or speeding up?

yes the acceleration can take a negative value. for example an object with an accleration of -2 ms-2 would be slowing down. However this is normally called deceleration.

When would acceleration be negative?

When a moving object is slowing down, i.e. its speed is decreasing.

When does an object have no acceleration?

When it is stationary, or when the velocity is constant. If it is speeding up or slowing down, it has acceleration.

An object slowing down has what type of acceleration?

Negative acceleration, also known as deceleration.