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electron transport chain does not function

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Q: When oxygen is not present what does not function?
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Do torches work in space?

No, torches require oxygen to burn and produce light. In the vacuum of space, there is no oxygen present for a torch to function.

No oxygen is present?

Without oxygen present, living organisms that rely on aerobic respiration cannot survive. Anaerobic organisms, like certain bacteria and archaea, can still function using alternative metabolic pathways that do not require oxygen. Overall, oxygen is essential for many organisms to generate energy efficiently through aerobic respiration.

When oxygen is not present?

there is no oxygen present in the electron transport system.

When oxygen not present?

there is no oxygen present in the electron transport system.

Oxygen is not present in other planets?

Yes Oxygen is present in other planets.

What is the function of the ozone in the atmosphere?

Ozone is a tri oxygen molecule. It is formed in a natural process by the action of UV light on oxygen molecule.Ozone is present in the stratosphere of the earth's atmosphere. It protects us from the harmful UV light of the sun.

Why does your body need oxygen to function?

we need oxygen to function because without oxygen we would suffocate to death. without oxygen we wouldn't exist right now.

What is the function of oxygen analyzer?

it anylises oxygen durbrain

What is the function of oxygen sensor in subaru?

The function of the oxygen sensor in a Subaru or any other car is to measure the amount of oxygen that is mixed with exhaust gases.

What is oxygen's function in the circulatory system?

Oxygen is carried through the blood to the lungs and the rest of your body so you can function.

What is the function of group?


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