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The kinetic energy would be the energy of a piece of snow hurtling through the air.

The potential energy would be calculated based on how far the piece of snow has to go to reach the ground.

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Q: Where are potential and kinetic energy in a blizzard?
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What are the two types of mechanical energy?

Potential energy and kinetic energy. mechanical energy is the energy of motion(kinetic energy)or the potential of motion(potential energy) so i would say-kinetic and potential energy

What are the two main forms of energy?

The two main forms of energy are Kinetic energy and Potential Energy. Kinetic energy is motion energy. Potential energy is energy stored in matter.

What is the total kinetic energy and potential energy?

It is the sum of potential and kinetic energy.

An avalanche demonstrates what kind of energy conversion?

Gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy

What are the two basic types of energy?

There are two main types of energy which is kinetic and potential energy.. Kinetic energy is an energy associated with motion.. while the potential energy is an energy stored with the position of an object, or its chemical composition.

If an object's mechanical energy is equal to its potential energy how much kinetic energy does it have?

Mechanical Energy= Potential energy+ Kinetic energy, so for the mechanical energy to be equal to be potential energy, the kinetic energy must be 0.

How potential energy is changed to kinetic energy?

potential energy is changed to kinetic energy when you push.

Potential energy is frequently converted to kinetic energy. Kinetic energy?

can be converted to potential energy.

How is potential energy change to kinetic energy?

potential energy is changed to kinetic energy when you push.

What type of energy is kinetic and potential?

Kinetic and potential energy are types of mechanical energy.

Is energy at rest potential or kinetic energy?

a energy at rest is potential energy. because kinetic energy is a energy in motion.

What is the relationship Potential energy and kinetic energy?

potential is the stored energy and kinetic energy is the energy of movement.