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the main source for the ocean water is the rain and spring water and water coming and adding from the rivers

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the way that the water came to the ocean was in a meteorite of salt that had small particles of water that kickstarted the transformation from methane rivers to water rivers

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Comets and asterorids

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Q: Where did the water of the ocean come from?
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What kind of water do clams need if they come from the ocean?

they need ocean water:) because they need "SALTY" type of water:)

How does the waves come in the ocean?

The waves come in the ocean is because of moon. Moon is close to the earth tonight. Tonight the moon pulls up the water in the ocean so that's how The waves come in the ocean.

Where does the water from the ocean come from?

From the atmoshere of the earth. The water comes from the bottom of the earth and goes into the ocean.

Where does water vapor come from?

water vapor comes from the ocean water when it goes through evaporation.

What are the substances that making up salt in ocean?

the substances that makes up salt in ocean water is known as a compound. It can come from the rocks , it come from the type of bacteria. Some bacteria may come from the fish and waste within the water and you also have to take in to consideration that a lot of rock in the ocean have salt in them and leaks off in to the water.

Where does the energy of water at the top of waterfall come from?

well first i think the water comes from the ocean

Where does the heat and moisture of hurricanes come from?

The heat and moisture comes from warm ocean water. The heat that warms the ocean water ultimately comes from the sun.

Does sea weed make the ocean water green?

no who would come up with that

What body of water did the colonists cross to come to the north America?

Atlantic Ocean

What body of water the colonists cross to come to north America?

The Atlantic Ocean

What bodies of water did the colonist cross to come to North America?

The Atlantic Ocean

Where does the moisture that causes rain come from?

Evaporated water mostly come from bodies of water.