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What simple machine is the wheel based on? What do we call the “fulcrum” of a wheel?

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Being a simple lever, a shovel must have a fulcrum. The fulcrum on a shovel is where it pivots in the dirt.

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The wheels axle is the fulcrum part of a normal wheel barrow being a class 2 lever , on a Zero barrow it is a class 1 lever barrow but still the wheels axle is the fulcrum !!

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the wheel

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Q: Where is the fulcrum on a shovel?
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In a shovel where is the fulcrum is it the handle or the metal scoop?

The fulcrum is the handle.

Where is the fulcrum resistance force and the effort force on a shovel?

The effort force is applied at the handle of the shovel. The fulcrum is where your other hand goes, lower down the shaft, and the fulcrum resistance would be where the load goes on the shovel, I.E the flat bit that you hit people with!

A shovel is what simple machine?

Lever -- load, fulcrum, force

Why is a shovel a simple machine?

A shovel is a lever. it has a handle, and one hand sets a fulcrum with the load set opposite the hand that is not the fulcrum. It might be argued that the leading edge of the shovel is a wedge making your shovel a compound machine, but that's cutting things fine.

Is a shovel a type of simple machine?

a shovel is a first class lever. the force is applied to the handle, the soil at the end is the load and the edge that touchs the top of the soil is the fulcrum.

What class lever is a shovel and where does the fulcrum load and effort go?

it is a class 2 lever thanks for your concern

What class of lever is a shovel?

Generally, the point of the shovel handle is not so much as a machine to amplify the force you exert, as it is simply a way of being able to reach the ground with a scooping device, without having to bend your spine too much in order to do it. There are times, however, such as when you use a shovel to dislodge a large rock, when you could use it as a lever.

Where is the fulcrum placed on a see saw?

there is the folcrum and two wedges which are the blades the folcrom is in the middle of the scissor connectin the two blades

What is a support called on a lever?

inclined plane

The fix point of a lever is called a?

The fixed point of a lever is called the fulcrum. A lever is a beam connected by a hinge, or pivot, called a fulcrum. A lever is used to amplify the applied force.

Point around which a lever rotates?

The fulcrum. A Lever is a rigid rod to which a force can be applied to overcome a resistance. The point at which a lever pivots is called the fulcrum.

Does a lever pivot on a fulcrum or an axle?