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"Gravitational potential" or just "potential" energy.

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Q: Which energy stored by being high up?
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Where is the energy stored in a wind-up toy?

Whatever winds the tool up - usually energy stored in your muscles.

Where and how was the the energy stored before it was transferred in pumping up the tire?

I assume you mean TIRE. The energy is usually stored up in whoever PUMPS UP the tire, and then you go lie down, to RE-CHARGE your energy cells!

Describe the energy change of a wind up toy car as it runs down a slope?

The mechanical energy is stored in the spring as potential energy within the pullback toy and when you release it, it gets converted into kinetic energy. Hence cycle is Mechanical --- Spring (Potential)--- Kinetic

What is the difference between kinetic energy and potential energy?

Kinetic energy is the energy in the movement.Potential energy is stored energy, ready to be used.K.E-motion energyP.E-energy stored during displacement of springs that tend to restore to original position of springKinetic energy is the energy found in every object in motion .Gravitational Potential Energy is the enegry stored in an object because of its height. For example, the energy that water has before it goes over a waterfall. Chemical potential energy is the energy that a substance can release by undergoing a chemical reaction, for example gasoline which releases energy when it is burned. Mechanical potential energy would be the kind stored in a compressed spring. Radioactive materials such as uranium have nuclear potential energy.Kinetic energy is the energy of motion.. while something is moving.. and potential energy is the energy being stored up for the object TO move.A ball rolling has kinetic energy... when you pull back a spoon to throw food at someone, when you pull back and hold it there, it has potential energy (potential to be kinetic, that is)Potential energy is the capacity for doing work that a body possesses because of itsposition or condition. While kinetic energy is energy a body possesses because it is in motion.kinetic energy is moving energy or energy used in preforming an action.potiental energy is sitting energy or energy that is being saved up.potential- when energy is stored.kinetic- when energy is movingPotential energy is stored energy, when building up to it's highest point the energy is released as kinetic energy. For example potential energy is the energy gathered when moving slowly up an amusement park ride, when you reach the top the potential energy reaches it's limit and is realeased as kinetic energy when you rocket downwards.

What are some examples of electrostatic energy?

Electrostatic energy is the type of energy which comes from the forces which electrical charges exert on each other. Simple examples of electrostatic energy are hair standing up after rubbing it on a balloon and how amber will attract particles when rubbed against another material.

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How did the energy from the sun ended up being stored in butter?


What do you call stored energy that is ready to be used?

When energy is stored, it is called potential energy.

How is energy stored?

Electrical energy can be stored in a lead acid battery, it can also be stored by pumping water up to a high reservoir, from which it can be released later to produce electricity. Mechanical energy can be stored in a large flywheel. Energy can be stored in elastic material. Thermal energy can be stored in an insulated block of high heat capacity material. Potential gravitational energy can be stored in a reservoir or lake, to be used later for hydro power. Fossil fuels are stores of chemical energy, and uranium is a store of nuclear energy. some examples are a ball,candybar,rubber band,and gasoline

Where is the energy stored in a wind-up toy?

Whatever winds the tool up - usually energy stored in your muscles.

What type of energy is stored up?


Where does wind up toys get energy from?

The energy is provided by your muscles, and stored in a spring.The energy is provided by your muscles, and stored in a spring.The energy is provided by your muscles, and stored in a spring.The energy is provided by your muscles, and stored in a spring.

What is potential energy is energy of what?

It is energy held in reserve, not being used but available depending on some other action. It could be gravitational, due to a weight being raised to a high position, or it could be stored in elastic, in a model airplane for example. It could be energy stored in a gas at high pressure, which could do work if released. You could say that fuels such as fossil fuels or even uranium have potential energy, because it just requires some circumstance such as ignition or a nuclear chain reaction to release the energy, which would otherwise stay locked up in the fuel

How are potential kinetic energy and total energy relate to one another?

Potential energy + kinetic energy = total energy. Potential energy is stored or positional energy; chemical energy stored in a battery, a large weight up high where we can get gravity to do work with it. Kinetic energy is energy of motion; energy = 1/2mv^2.

Where is energy stored in an unlit candle?

the energy stored in an unlit candle is chemical potential energy, and it is stored in the bonds between the atoms in the hydrocarbons (wax) that make up the candle.

What is the diffrence between kinetic energy and potential energy?

kinetic energy is energy being exerted like while your running or jogging and potential energy is energy that is being stored up while doing nothing such as standing or staring your building up potential energy

Energy stored in the atoms and molecules of a substance is?

Chemical energy is stored in the bonds of the atoms making up a molecule.

Does energy have to be used up immediately?

no it doesn't it can be stored in fat or lipids and saved for later