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Concave lens (diverging) produces an upright image that is virtual. Although to create a real upright image would require 2 convex (converging) lens with a distance of their respective focal lengths between them.

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Q: Which lens always produces an image that is upright?
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Which of the following is accurate in describing converging and diverging lenses?

If a single lens forms a virtual image of an object, thenthe lens could be either a diverging or a converging lens.Which statement about a single thin lens is correctA diverging lens always produces a virtual upright image.

A diverging lens always produces a reduced real image?


Does the convex lens have a upright or upside down image?

The convex lens, has a upside down image.

What is an upright image?

The image produced by the lens is above the principle axis.

Is it true that the image formed by a concave lens is always upright and smaller than the object?

Yes. B'coz its magnification is always negative.

What lens produces the image to be upside down and reversed and what is the image called?

convex lens

A virtual image produced by a lens is always?

This image is always located in front of the lens.

If the distance from a converging lens to the object is less than the focal lenth of the lens the image will be?

The image will be virtual, upright, and larger the the object

What are the uses of a convex lens?

An upright, enlarged, virtual image of the ant.

Name the lens that always forms virtual image?

concave lens always forms a virtual image

What is the property of image formed by concave lens?

Image formed by a concave lens or a diverging lens is virtual,upright and smaller than the object.It is used by short sighted people.

What type of image does a converging lens produce?

It produces a virtual image as well as a real image

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