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You think probable to chromatography.

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Q: Which method of separation is commonly used for separating mixtures of colored substances?
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What is the scientific way of separating mixtures?

There are several different ways and procedures of separating mixtures, though, some mixtures areirreversible, and can permanently be combined. A few ways of separating mixtures is through evaporation, filtration, sieving, gravity separation, distillation, condensation, froth flotation, magnetic separation, chromatography, and centrifuging ( Also certain chemical reactions can separate mixtures, or create substances, i.e. acid+base=salt+water etc. (If this is no help I'm sorry just look up separating mixtures on Google).

What is the process called when separating mixtures?

The process is called separation.

What is the hardest method in separating mixtures?

A "hard method of separation" is not an expression in chemistry.

What is the explanation of separating mixtures?

The separation is possible because components of a mixture have different physical properties.

What are the ways of separating mixtures like sifting?

Sieving is largely used in laboratories and industry for separation.

What are the different physical separation process in separating mixtures?

Examples: filtration, decantation, distillation, sieving, magnetic separation, solvent extraction, etc.

What is chromatoghy?

Chromatography is the collective term for a set of laboratory techniques for the separation of mixtures. There are many different types of chromatography, with different techniques for separating the mixtures.

Why it is called chromatography separation?

Because we are using this technique to separate mixtures of substances into their components

What is physical manipulation?

if ur talking about separation of mixtures, this method applies to heterogenous solid mixtures. It involves manually separating each of the component elements of a mixture. an example would be separating a mixture of iron nalis and screws.

What is the method of separating iron filling and powdered sugar mixtures?

It can easily be separated by the process of magnetic separation.

What is the aim of distillation?

Distillation is a form of separation, which takes advantage of the fact that different substances have different boiling points. It is often used to purify a liquid by separating it from dissolved solids. Fractional distillation is more complex and separates mixtures of liquids.

What two industrial uses of distillation and what components of mixtures are separated in each use?

Separation of pure components from a mixture.