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Q: Which type of cellular division forms gamates?
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What type of cellular respiration forms the most ATP?

aerobic cellular respiration

What type of cleavage forms at the beginning of cell division?


Which type of cellular division helps our body grow and heal Mitosis or meiosis?

This sounds like the interphase od mitosis.

Where is meiosis located in the body?

Meiosis is the type of cell division that forms eggs and sperm in humans. It occurs in the reproductive organs.

What type of cell is a organelle?

Centrioles; Paired cylindrical organelles close to the nucleus. Composition is nine tubes each with three tubules. Used in cellular division.

What type of cell reproduction makes egg cells?

Meiosis is the name of the type of cell division that forms eggs and sperm. Mitosis is the other kind of cell reproduction, which forms most other types of cells.

Which type of molecule forms the cell membrane?

The basic structure of cell membranes is a phospholipid bilayer. Phospholipids have a phosphate group (the head) and a lipid tail.

What Cellular division causes organisms to grow primarily by increasing?

The cellular division responsible for increasing the size of organisms is called mitosis. During mitosis, a single cell divides into two identical daughter cells, ensuring the growth and replenishment of cells in the body. This process occurs in most cells of the body, except for reproductive cells, which undergo a different type of division called meiosis.

What type of cell division produces gametes?

Meiosis. Mitosis is in somatic sells(non gametes/non sex cells) , and meiosis occurs in gametes/sex cells.

Define division of labor with respect to an organism?

Each type of organelle is specialized to perform a specific function. Eg. mitochondria are specialized for cellular respiration. In this way functions of the cell are accomplished by these specialized structures. It is an example of division of labour within a cell.

What produces new cells with each having half as many chromosomes as the original cell?

Meiosis produces new cells with each having half as many chromosomes as the original cell. It is a type of cellular division that is also referred to as a reduction cell division.

What type of cellular transport requires a cell to use energy?

facilated diffusion cause when yer active you use energy