Who is a seance VIP?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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VIP usually pronounced as an abbreviation, not as a word ( one notable exception was in the theme song of ( Top Cat) -He"s the King, he"s the Vip, the Championship, the most- tip-top- Top Cat!) - means Very Important Person: Bigwig, dignitary, celebrity- one who might require the services of the Escort Squad. The person or persons who conducts a Seance ( spiritualist contact session with spirits)- is known as a Medium. There may special rank titles such as Conductor , steward, etc in use by the British, maybe monitor anyhow he or she conducts the seance. It goes without saying there is or should be something akin to a sergeant-at-arms or security bouncer, to keep out unauthorized observers, possible troublemakers- and police the crowd if the demons get the upper hand! Spiritualists are cagey, and would usually have some sort of ( usually concealed ) security types. They don"t want outsiders or negative publicity. on the other hand, the Seance VIP as you state it could refer to the target of the Seance- such as, to name a few Electra Powers, Catherine II, Jayne Mansfield, etc, maybe even HIH Anastasia Romanov... good luck, as the spirits move you.

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Q: Who is a seance VIP?
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VIP means Very Important Person. it is usually pronounced as an abbreviation, like ETA rather than a word. In and of itself it does not have any spiritualist angles. May refer to the moderator, conductor, or Medium in charge of the Seance. Polity varies, they might have two operators- one to conduct the services, like an M.C. Master of cermonies ( spirit anchor-man?) and the medium to act something like a linguist or translator. if you had a seance attempting to contact, for example, Anastasia Romanov, it would be advisable if not necessary that the Medium have a Russian phrase-book handy- to lend the proceeding a touch of realism.

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