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No, OB is not common sense.

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Q: Why Organizational behaviour is more of common sense and not science?
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What is the difference in common sense and science?

common sense is like what you know already, but you have to learn science at least once

What is called science of common sense?

True A+

How do cellphones relate to science?

Use common sense.......

What are the basic skills in science?

Writing, common sense and knowledge of what goes where.

Why would the study of normal behavior be more important to the science of psychology than an understanding of abnormal behavior?

I wouldn't say that the study of normal behaviour is more important than that of abnormal behaviour; however, to determine what behaviour actually is abnormal, you need a sense of what constitutes "normal" behaviour to compare it to.

What are the Different between science and common sense?

Science is observation and theory based on fact and hard evidence. Common sense is normally loosely based on science and firsthand observation. For example. If you turn on a stove, science can predict and describe what happens in order to turn electrical current into heat on the stove plate. Common sense will tell you (through experience) that if you put you hand on the hot plate you will get burnt.

What are the different components of organizational behavior?

they are majorly two type of organizational behavior that is the formal and informal behavior. the formal behavior is the type that is guided with rule and regulation whichis buecratic in nature, individual worker is guide with law toward carring out their duties. the infromal behaviour is the behaviour that have to do with interaction am worker in the organization like forming a group to give theirselves sense of belongingness and oneness

What has the author Jacob Bronowski written?

Jacob Bronowski has written: 'Science and human values' -- subject(s): Science 'The common sense of science' -- subject(s): Science, Philosophy

When was Sense About Science created?

Sense About Science was created in 2003.

Who said thisquote Science is nothing but trained and organised common sense?

Thomas Henry Huxley

Is Archimedes father of science?

Arguably so. But he himself would probably regard it as just common sense.

Why physics is a Pioneer science?

bec. common sense naman mga shunga by :roniel G. indias

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