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I don't think there is such a thing as a "non-conducting metal". All metals are good conductors.

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Q: Why can't a non conducting material be charged easily by rubbing?
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Which material get easily charged by rubbing and what such material is called?

An insulator Becomes statically charged when rubbed against another insulator

What type electrically charged particles move from one material to another more easily?


What is a material through which negatively charged particles flow easily?

A material through which negatively charged particles flow easily is called a conductor. Conductor materials have a large number of free electrons that are able to move within the material, allowing the easy flow of electric current. Examples of good conductors include metals like copper, aluminum, and silver.

Why does the resistance of a semi conducting material decrease when the temperature increase?

because when temperature it the motion of eletron and that's why current can easily through it so resistance decreases.

What is a material that allows electrons to move through it easily?

Conductors, a lot of metals are good in conducting (allow transport of) electrons, also ionized acid and salt solutions.

What is a material that could not be scratched easily?

A material that is not easily scratched is _____.

What is a material that can flow easily called?

A material that can easily flow is called a fluid.

What is a materials that does not let electricity flow through it?

Many materials are packed full of easily-movable charged particles. Any material that does not contain easily-movable charged particles is called an "insulator". Charged particles do not flow through an insulator. Common insulators are rubber, plastic, nylon and air. (Rubber, plastic, and nylon are packed full of charged particles, but those particles are "bound" into a solid, unmoving configuration. The particles in air are easily-movable, but they are practically all uncharged particles -- and also there are so few of them that air is mostly empty space compared to solids).

What is a brittle material?

a brittle is something that breaks easily with out more opposition like bones for instance..

What is a molecule electrically charged?

You can create a charged material bytransferring electrons. The negative electrons which orbit the atom can easily be transfered as they have no strong bonds. While protons in the centre of the nucleus have a very strong bond with the neutron. When two things are rubbed together the negative electrons get transferred. The object with the most negative charges are negatively charged and the material or object that has the most protons is positively charged. Different charges attract, same charges repel Basically a charged electric molecule is part of the total count of electrons or protons on an object.

Which is the material that breaks easily?

Pots made of clay break easily.

What is a material that doesn't allow charges to move through it easily?

Wood An insulator is a material that does not allow charges to move through it easily.