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Because they melt in warm areas! :)

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Q: Why do glaciers form only in very cold regions?
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Why do glaciers form only in certain areas?

because they only form in cold places

What glaciers are now located only on polar regions?

Ice glaciers, what else?

Why do glaciers form in very cold places?

Glaciers can only form in very cold places because in order to stay in their glacial form, the snow cannot completely melt away. A cold climate is necessary so that the layers of snow will continue to get thicker and thicker. When the snow does melt, it will freeze again and turn into ice.

Glaciers can only form when?

Glaciers form when the rate of snow fall exceeds the rate of melting.

Why do glaciers form only in the cold region?

water has to be below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or else water wont freeze.

Where do glaciers exist?

Glaciers exist in the north and south polar regions and in the mountain ranges of every continent. In the tropics, however, it's only the highest mountains that have glaciers.

What do glaciers have to do with mountains?

Nothing per say; however, the glaciers have retreated and can only currently be found in high altitude (mountain) regions due to the lower temperature.

How do valley glaciers form and move?

Valley glaciers form only in areas where more snow falls than melts. Gravity pulls glaciers downhill.The law of universal gravitation states that every object in the universe attracts every other object.

Why is malaria found in tropical regions only?

Malaria is transmitted by a tropical species of mosquito that cannot survive the cold winters of temperate regions.

When the first hot Jupiter's were discovered their existence seemed inconsistent with the nebular theory because this theory predicts that?

jovian planets can form only in the cold, outer regions of a solar system

Are there glaciers in Alaska?

No, the only continental glaciers are in Greenland and Antarctica.

What are three climate regions are found in Finland?

Cold all the time and only warm in the fall

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