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coal burns cleaner than wood

Burning coal was easier because coal burned longer than wood

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Q: Why do you use more coal than wood in power stations?
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How can you tell if one solar panel takes in more light than another?

because a solar panel it has power

In a practical machine the power output is lower than the power input?

A. smaller than

If machine A performs work in twice as much time as machine B then machine B will use more what than machine A?

Machine B will use more power.

Where fusion power used today?

Fusion power is the power generated by nuclear fusion reactions. In this kind of reaction, two light atomic nuclei fuse together to form a heavier nucleus and in doing so, release a large amount of energy. In a more general sense, the term can also refer to the production of net usable power from a fusion source, similar to the usage of the term "steam power." Most design studies for fusion power plants involve using the fusion reactions to create heat, which is then used to operate a steam turbine, which drives generators to produce electricity. Except for the use of a thermonuclear heat source, this is similar to most coal, oil, and gas-fired power stations as well as fission-driven nuclear power stations.As of July 2010[update], the largest experiment was the Joint European Torus (JET). In 1997, JET produced a peak of 16.1 megawatts (21,600 hp) of fusion power (65% of input power), with fusion power of over 10 MW (13,000 hp) sustained for over 0.5 sec. In June 2005, the construction of the experimental reactor ITER, designed to produce several times more fusion power than the power put into the plasma over many minutes, was announced. Project partners were preparing the site in 2008. The production of net electrical power from fusion is planned for DEMO, the next generation experiment after ITER. Additionally, the High Power laser Energy Research facility (HiPER) is undergoing preliminary design for possible construction in the European Union starting around 2010.

What is measured by the power of a machine?

Power is the amount of work a specific machine can do over a period of time. Work is the product of force and the distance an object travels as a result of that force. A more powerful machine can effect changes in velocity of an object more rapidly than a less powerful machine.

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Are nuclear power stations more efficient than coal power stations?


Is solar power better then coal power?

Solar power is more environment friendly than coal power. Solar power is, however, more expensive than coal power.

Why were Nuclear Power Stations made?

Nuclear power plants were made in the hope of providing a more efficient source of electricity than is obtained from coal powered plants.

Why are people more worried about nuclear power stations than gas or coal?

Have you ever heard of the Chernobyl power plant? A coal fired plant can't produce a disaster of that magnitude, and people worry about the potential consequences.

Why are fossil fuel power stations used more than nuclear power stations?

I think you mean why is more electricity produced by fossil fuels than by nuclear? Largely history I think, and the availability of reasonably cheap coal and natural gas in the US. In France for instance, with little coal and no natural gas, nuclear has been developed to supply roughly 75 percent of electricity.

How do chp power stations achieve higher efficiencies than normal power stations?

CHP power stations produce a lot more heat. And therefor a lot more power. So that then means there is more efficiencies.

How many power stations does oil fuel in the uk?

less than 50 commercial power stations of more than 1 MW.

What are the advantages of nuclear power?

A nuclear power plant generates no air pollution, and a lot of energy.generates more engeryNuclear power stations generate lots of electricity and it is a relatively clean way of doing so. They need less fuel to run on, and it is cheaper for the public. Coal power stations release carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide which contribute to global warming and acid rain. Nuclear power stations are safer than coal power stations (because the soot and ash particles from the coal station can cause breathing problems in humans). Nuclear power stations have lots of safety installations so in case of a problem, they can be shut down.Nuclear power generation is cleaner to produce than fossil-fuels. However it is more hazardous to process the waste materials, which stay radio-active for many years.

Why are there more coal power plants then solar power plants?

There are more coal plants than solar plants because the cost per Mega-Watt is much less using coal than solar power, and currently coal is more efficient. The problem today is that in a environmentally conscious society coal is a 'dirty' fuel, and solar power is clean. That is why environmentalists are pushing for more Solar (and wind) power generation.

Is A Coal Power Station Better Than A Nuclear Power Station?

yes a coal is nature nuclear uses lots of power Process for production of power from coal is very inefficient , More over it produces lot of carbon dioxide in to atmosphere (harmful green house gas). While Process for production of power from Nuclear plant is very good when compared with coal power. But initial and maintenance cost is very high. Unit cost for coal power is more economical than nuclear power. So economically coal power station is better. But on the basis of efficiency Nuclear power stations are good. When the deaths caused by the two types of mining are considered, coal fired systems have a much higher overall death rate. But the coal mining industry is improving this.

Is hydroelectric power more expensive than coal and oil?

no it is cheaper

Does uranium contain more energy than coal?

yes uranium contains a lot more energy than coal and that is one of the reasons that people prefer nuclear power to fossil fuel power but like coal uranium is not! renewable

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