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How efficient is electricity?

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It is efficient at 35% (When created in power stations)

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How efficient is hydro electricity?

It is very efficient. I think...

Is tidal electricity efficient?


Which generation electricity most efficient batteries or turbines?

A fuel cell type battery is the most efficient type of electricity generation.

What is the most efficient way to generate electricity and is better for the environment?

The most efficient way to generate electricity is with hydro electric turbines.

Is some electricity more efficient than others?

Since electricity is energy, it has only one type. Therefore, some electricity cannot be more efficient than others because all electricity is the same. However, some devices use that same electricity more efficiently than others.

Why are fluorescent light bulbs more energy efficient then halogen lamps?

they are more energy efficient cause they have less electricity

Why can water electrucate you?

Because it's an extremely efficient conductor of electricity

What kind of fuel does the energy efficient car use?

An energy efficient car can use gasoline, diesel, CNG, or electricity as a fuel.

Do slow cookers use a lot of electricity?

Slow cookers use very little electricity and are very energy efficient.

What are the best fuel efficient cars to buy?

The best car you could get that is fuel efficient is any form of hybrid. They combine electricity and fuel to put out amazing gas mileage. When the electricity runs low the gas kicks in.

Where does electricity work efficiently?

A transformer is one place where electricity is very efficient in changing AC voltages from one level to another.

What are the advantages of using electricity at home?

It's 100% efficient and it's cleaner. The most efficient gas furnace still has some unburnt fuel.

What is the most energy efficient sewing machine?

The Singer Energy Star models are very energy efficient and shouldn't have a large impact on your electricity bill.

What are 2 pros about turning trash into electricity?

a: it is an energy efficient way of getting electricity B: do not forget all the waste we will get rid of by doing this

Does a computer or laptop waste more electricity?

Laptops are much more energy efficient.

What fossil fuel burns the hottest making it the most efficient for electricity?

Natural Gas

What is more efficient a tram or a car?

A tram is more efficient because it doesn't release lethal gases which go up to the atmosphere and tram uses electricity

Is gas more efficient than electricity in homes?

dont know if gas is more efficient but do know its cheaper to heat with gas, all things being equal

4 positives of hydro electricity?

hydro electricity is an efficient source of energy 1. pollution free 2. renewable 3. no worries of exhaustion of natural resources

Average cost of electricity bill?

The average cost varies depending on where you live and how energy efficient your building is.

What is dielectric material?

A dielectric material is a substance that is a poor conductor of electricity, but an efficient supporter of electrostatic fields

What's the best energy efficient lighting?

The best energy efficient lights are LED lights. They are very small and use very little electricity, but they are brighter then most conventional lights.

What are the benefits of owning energy efficient appliances?

Energy efficient appliances, as the name implies, are more efficient than other models. Using energy efficient appliances in your home can save you money by cutting your electricity consumption and therefore having a lower bill. Also, energy efficient appliances may be eligible as a tax credit on your federal income tax.

What would there be if there was no electricity?

You said it, no electricity. But with the advent of more efficient solar, wind and hydro power plants we'll pretty much have a power supply until the planet dies.

What are the advantages of using tidal electricity?

It can be relied on and also it produces electricity reliably. tidal energy is a renewable energy, when compared to solar and wind energy it is more efficient source.