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More lbs. per square inch standing up than lying down.

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Q: Why does a mattress sink more when a person is standing on it compared to when the person is lying on it?
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Which exerts more force on the ground a person lying down or standing up?

in which situation you exert more force downward, standing or lying horizantilly?

Do foals sleep standing up or lying down?

Lying down.

How does the amount of pressure you exert on the floor when you are lying down compare with the amount of pressure exert when you are standing up?

Since your weight remains constant, the only variable is the area. Pressure is the ratio of Force to Area, implying that the larger the area the smaller the pressure and vice versa. Since lying down translate into occupying a larger area than when standing up, a lower pressure is exerted on the floor while lying compared to when standing on the floor.

What is the external force That act on the mattress when your lying down?


When is the pressure on the ground more when a man is lying or when a man is standing?

The person of mass (m) exerts the same force on the ground both standing up and lying down. This can be easily seen through Newtons Second Law ie F = ma. Knowing that pressure is defined as force over area (P = F/Area), it can be seen that the person standing up is applying more pressure to the ground.

Why is blood pressure higher lying down than sitting or standing?

In most cases, body position has very little effect on blood pressure. In many cases, the blood pressure will rise a little as a result of the heart rate going up when sitting or standing compared to lying down. Some people have an imbalance in their Autonomic Nervous System, which controls constriction and dilation of blood vessels and may find that their blood pressure is lower when standing as opposed to when lying down or sitting.

Is it possible to do nothing?

No.if your standing your standingif your lying down your lying downif your talking your talking

Why does a mattress indent?

A mattress is designed to be flexible, so that when you lie on it, it will give under your weight. This makes it more comfortable. If you compare the feeling of lying on a concrete floor, which does not indent, you will notice that the mattress is more comfortable.

How does the bison sleep?

Standing up or lying down.

Are you taller standing or lying down?

No. The above answer is wrong. Indeed you are an inch taller when you lie down! I just did it and I was 5'6 but standing, I'm 5'5. try it =)))))))

Is it easier to hold your pee sitting or standing or lying down?

It is easiest while standing up.

Why does your nose get stuffy when you get in bed?

There could be many factors involved, but a couple come to mind. It could be that the mattress has dust mites and you have an allergy to them and their feces. A good vacuuming of the mattress could help, clean bed sheets or lastly a new mattress might do the trick. Another factor could be within your own body, that your nose gets stuffy because you are in a lying down position. Does your nose get stuffy when you are lying down in about the same posture but not in bed? If you only get stuffy when lying in bed, deal with the bedding or the mattress. If you get stuffy when just lying down, then there is something going on with your own body.