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When a blacksmith is hammering a horseshoe into shape, he has a strip of metal which has been heated up in his forge to such a point that the metal is ALMOST melting. When it is in this state, the metal is flexible and allows the blacksmith to hammer it into the shape of a horseshoe without snapping the metal bar. When he has the right shape, he plunges it into a bucket of water so that it rapidly cools and so becomes solid again and is no longer flexible.

**Physical Science (pg. 206 #20) answer:**

Metals are malleable and great conductors of electricity. However, they don't break. This would explain why the horseshoe doesn't break when a blacksmith pounds it into shape.

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Because metals do not break

They bend easily and conduct heat

5th grade science...

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Q: Why does metal horseshoe bend but not break wd but not break when a blacksmith pound in into shape?
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Why does a metal Horseshoe Bend but not break when a blacksmith pound it into shape?

Because metals do not break They bend easily and conduct heat 5th grade science...

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