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most substances change from liquid to solid form, they shrink together and denser

water changes from a liquid to solid it expands, becomes less dense At normal atmospheric pressure, molecules usually behave in predictable ways as their temperature changes. Molecules fly apart into a gas when heated, condense into a flowing liquid when cooled, and shrink into a frozen solid when chilled still further. The changes in state parallel changes in energy: from high energy to medium energy

Scientists say water's quirky behavior is caused by the shape of its molecule and by how its molecules bond to one another

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water expends cooling because of hydrogen bonding.

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Q: Why does water expands on cooling?
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Does water expand when cooled?

Water shrinks on cooling upto 4o C. But on further cooling it expands.

Which liquids expand on cooling?

I think that only water expands when it freezes everything else contracts

Which one of these is a property of air - it contracts on heating or cooling or it expands on cooling or it is made of carbon dioxide and water vapour only?

none of the above

Do metals expand when they are cooled?

No, most substances contract with cooling, only some exotic substances (eg water) expands when cooled.

When water changes to ice it expands how could this damage a cars cooling system?

ur joking right. well when ice expands it will fracture the cooling system. its kinda like when you fill a plastic bottle to the top with water, put the lid on and freeze it. if you dont know what i mean then try it, but for gods sake dont use glass!!!

Why does water expand on heating?

water expands on heating and contracts on cooling because when water is heated the molecules are closely packed and they overflow but when cooled they are loosely packed therefore they dont overflow. it is as simple as that.

As air rises and expands does it undergo advective cooling?

No. It undergoes convective cooling, rising and losing heat to the surrounding air.

Why human body does not expands and contracts on heeting and cooling?

The human body does not expand and contract with heating and cooling like water, Because the body usually maintains a constant internal temp (By sweating, teeth chattering, etc.)

What liquid expands instead of contracts when frozen?

Water turns to ice which expands

Why does heating and cooling rocks make them break more easily?

You mean FORM, correct? Well, when water (in a small crack [hairline] in a rock) turns to ice, it EXPANDS. Having no place to go, it pushes crack's sides apart thus enlarging it. Consequently, larger crack is created, eventually rock may split.

Is this true that water contracts on cooling but it expands when cooled further from 4 degree C to 0 degree C?

Yes it contract and the expansion from 4 to 0 degrees is due to the crystallisation of water molecules.

What is the working of the thermometer?

capillarity rise.heating expands mercury whereas cooling contracts mercury