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the bubbles are caused by kinetic energy of the water forcing some of the pure oxygen (o2) mixed in with the water (h2o) being pushed to the surface, because the oxygen is much lighter and much less dense the water

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Water in a waterfall will form thousands to millions of small droplets as it falls. Each droplet reflects light individually, creating a random scattering of light similar to what you get with a rough surface. Since the droplets reflect all colors of light equally, the waterfall appears white.

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Q: Why does water on a waterfall turn white?
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How the waterfall help different people?

A waterfall is full of moving water. Moving water is what generates a certain type of electricity called hydroelectricity. The famous scientist Nicolas Tesla lived near a waterfall so that he could benefit from it's power.

What is the energy conversion of a waterfall?


What is the most powerful waterfall in the world?

The largest waterfall in the world height wise is Angel Falls in South America. The largest waterfall by the amount of water pouring over it per second is Niagara Falls in the very North of the US and the South of Canada.

Do all waterfalls form the same way?

Yes and no. They all form as a result of a sudden drop in height in a waterway's bedrock, so that's your yes. The 'no' is the result of the many different forms a waterfall can take, from 'just beyond a cataract' to giant waterfalls like Niagara and from 'on land' to 'underwater'. Just to mention a few forms: the classical waterfall is called a ledge waterfall if the water still retains some contact with the river's bedrock, and a plunge waterfall if it doesn't. The waterfall where water descends over a number of 'steps' is called a cascade. All in all there are some ten species of waterfall (and a number of subspecies) some of them forming in glaciers or even completely underwater. The world's highest waterfall is indeed totally underwater: the Denmark Straits waterfall near Greenland with a drop of 11,500 feet or nearly 4,000 meters.

Is a waterfall an example of mechanical energy?

From my understanding, yes. A waterfall is an example of potential gravitational energy and kinetic energy. The water is moving downstream at a fast pace (kinetic energy) and when reaching the drop off the water gains potential gravitational energy and drops towards the ground. Mechanical energy is a mix between Kinetic energy and any type of potential energy so yes, a waterfall is an example of Mechanical Energy.

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