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Q: Why is cell specialization important for invertebrates?
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What term refers to cells having different jobs?

Cell specialization

How are sponges and coelentrates different?

Sponges are of the phylum porifera and are assymetrical invertebrates that have no true tissues due to a lack of cell specialization. Coelenterates are any of the phylum cnidariathat have radial symmetry and are invertebrates. Coelenterates include corals, sea anemones, jellyfish, and hydroids.

What is meant by the term cell specialization?

Cell specialization is a term that is used in biology. How cells specialize to do a specific function is cell specialization. It is controlled by gene regulations.

Who studies in cell specialization?

Various scientists, biologists, and researchers would study cell specialization. Persons interested in the medical field, would also study in cell specialization.

What is cell specialization(differentiation)?

The specialization of a Cell occurs in two phases: first Differentiation and second Determination.

What is cell differentiation and cell specialization?

Cell differentiation is when a less specialized cell changes into a more specialized cell. In multicellular organisms there are many specialized cells who get their jobs through cell specialization. Cell specialization changes a specialized cell into whatever type of cell the organism needs at the moment.

Is the process by which cells in an organization develop in different ways to perform different tasks?

Differentiation is the term used for the process of specialization of a cell. This allows cells to perform specific functions.

What is the role of cell specialization in the development of tissue?

cell specialization is the is when a cell does a specific job, when cells are growing they specialize in certain jobs by helping in the growth of tissue

The importance of cell specialization in human and differentation?

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How do you use the words cell specialization in a sentence?

In a multicellular cell each organelle has a specialized task.

What is the specialization of a cell function?

Is the part of an animal.

What is a group of cell specialization called?