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It isn't. Evolution is just something that happens where you have populations of organisms. To any individual organism doesn't matter one hoot that its distant ancestor was different than itself, or that its remote descendants will be different again.

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Q: Why is evolution important to organisms?
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How are organisms related to evolution?

Organisms are required for evolution to occur. Evolution is defined as something that happens when organisms reproduce.

How are cnidarians important to evolution?

the phylum cnidaria contains over 9000 different organisms

Why is diversity in organisms important and discuss what might if there as a lack of diversity in organisms?

because evolution can be successful if the immediate biodiversity stays in the organisms making them diverse and seperating them from the rest

What factors are most important in classifying organisms?

the most important factor when classifying organisms is eolutionary history because its what gives the common ancestors and the evolution of where the organism came from and from there they can classify the organism by this information.

What type of genetic change is most important for evolution?

Evolution is the change in allele ( different molecular form of the same gene ) frequency over time in a population of organisms.

Is spontaneous generation the same as the current understanding of evolution?

No. Evolution explains how and why organisms change over time. It makes no difference to evolution how organisms are generated.

What is the change of organisms over time is known as?


What role do organisms play in their evolution?

Evolution is the effect caused by the interaction of organisms and their environment, organisms and other organisms, organisms and their genes, and so on. The simplest answer to this question is that organisms produce and propagate replications of the alleles they carry: they reproduce.

If evolution is true shouldn't we find living organisms or fossils with half-developped important organs such as half a lung or half an eye?

Yes, if evolution were true we would find fossils of half-developed organisms. However, no such fossils exist on the Earth.

What is responsive evolution involves organisms evolving in tandem to improve chances of survival an example of this type of evolution is?

Perhaps you mean group evolution, your question is unclear. It is also important to note that most evolutionary biologists don't believe group evolution happens.

What is an example of micro evolution in organisms?

example of an micro-evolution in an organism?

What is the study of how organisms change?