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because they are earth's land forms

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Q: Why is it important for a paleontologist to understand faulting and folding?
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Which processes form ridges and valleys?

folding uplift and erosion

How do you fold oragami?

Origami is the art of paper folding. It is done with the hands/fingers. The word 'origami' and the art form originated in Japan.

What can fault and folds become?

Folding and faulting are both caused by stress in the Earth's crust exceeding the strength of the material. However folding tends to occur at small strain rates (the speed at which the material changes shape or is squashed is very small), at higher confining pressures and with higher temperatures at greater depths in the earth (typically the asthenosphere and mesosphere) all of which act to stop the formation of fractures within the material leading to ductile deformation which is why the rocks can fold rather than break. Faulting occurs where strain rates are large and there are relatively low temperatures and confining pressures at shallower depths within the earth's lithosphere. These conditions allow fractures to propagate through the rock causing faulting.

If you fold a piece of paper 50 times how thick would it be?

It depends, because the paper could be thicker than others.AnswerThe folded paper would be 1 x (250) times as thick as the original sheet as each fold doubles the thicknessAssuming the initial paper is 1/100 of an inch thick the last fold would make a wad of paper almost 200 million miles thick

What are the different types of levelling staff?

there are commonly five tpes of levelling:- 1.simple levelling 2.differential 3.reciprocal levelling 4.profile levelling 5.cross section levelling

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What is faulting folding and tilting?

its the differences between tilting an folding

Faulting is to gently contoured mountains as folding is to what?

Folding and faulting in mountains occurs because of the movement of lithospheric plates as described in the theory of plate tectonics. Continent to continent collision compresses the crust and its sedimentary cover rocks, displacing and distorting them upwards (folding) and fracturing them (faulting). Folding and faulting can also occur in oceanic crust-continental crust collisions, in areas above subduction zones.

Faulting and folding are both types of?


Compare folding and faulting?

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Folding and faulting are caused by?


What is the movements in the crust that cause the faulting or folding of rock?


What do the forces of faulting folding and volcanic action create?


What is deformational metamorphism?

changes in rocks associated with faulting and folding

What combinations should favor folding rather than faulting?

High temperature and high confining pressure

Movements in the crust that cause the faulting or folding or rocks is called?


How can folding and faulting form mountains?

Folding and Faulting usually work together to form mountains. Faulting works by one plate shifting up and one plate submerging. Folding however works by both plates pushing against each other slowly folding over and over. Faulting and Folding and work together to make mountains by as one plate moves down the other up causes the plate going up to roll over or move on top of the other plate then as the bottom plate gets heat from the earths core it rises folding the plate on top again to bring it even higher. Hoped it helped you

How were the Appalacians formed?

Continental collision with resulting upwards folding, faulting etc.