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Because all organisms vary and different one have different survival characteristics that are selected for. Some organisms are reproductively successful and are selected to survive and pass on this success to their progeny.

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Natural selection 'selects' the fittest animals by having the weak ones die off before they can reproduce.

This way the fittest survive and breed to produce a stronger new generation.

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Q: Why is natural selection also called differential selection or differential survival?
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In evolution survival of the fittest refers to?

In evolution, natural selection is often called survival of the fittest.

What is the most common name for natural selection?

Natural selection is often (and misleadingly) called 'survival of the fittest'.

What is the name for the process in which the organisms best adapted to their environment surivive?

It's called 'survival of the fittest.' or more scientifically called Natural Selection

The process of survival of the most reproductively fit organisms is called?

Natural selection

What was Darwin's principle called?

That is Darwin's principal of Natural Selection, sometimes called survival of the fittest.

Who proposed the theory of natural selection that people called survival of the fittest?

Charles Darwin.

The unequal survival and reproduction that results from the presence or absence of particular traits is called?

Natural selection

Is the struggle between organisms to survive in a habitat with limited resources called the natural selection?

The selection of the organism that survives best in a habitat with limited resources and that organisms superior reproductive success is called natural selection.

According to Charles Darwin what was the best result of natural selection?

Something that is often called the "survival of the fittest."

Is the struggle between organisms to survive in a habitat with limited resources called a natural selection?

Survival of the fitest

What is selection for natural selection?

A book called The Origin of the Species explained the process of natural selection by way of survival of the fittest. The survivors are those that are more able to win over their weaker peers and survive, procreate and continue to live and prosper.

What is the process whereby only the fittest organisms survive and are able to reproduce?

natural selection